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Master Self-Regulation With GuiDance

Your Emotional Health Bestie

STOP prioritising your mental health and start doing this instead! ⬇️

As mums, we carry a heavy mental load on a daily basis so it seems like common sense to prioritise our mental health… but why are so many of us still suffering from anxiety?

If we try to change how we feel with positive thoughts, it often leads too feeling more anxious. Why? Because anxiety is our body’s way of telling us there's an unprocessed emotion stored in our body that needs to be felt, processed, and released/expressed. But most of us don’t feel safe feeling low (negative) emotions and don’t actually know HOW to feel our emotions a healthy way…

No more spending your precious time with your children being a stressed-out, overstimulated, yelly mum and start enjoying motherhood with real, quality time having fun and making positive memories.

Learn how to prioritise your emotional health and understanding your emotions with the GuiDance 3-simple-steps. It only requires minutes of your day and you'll see results almost instantly!

Imagine your life waking up feeling happy, full of joy and excitement about your day!

Introducing GuiDance – your gateway to self-regulation and emotional health. Our unique approach combines guided dance workouts, somatic techniques, energy work, and meditation to help you shift stagnant energy and blocked emotions stored in your body all from the comfort of your own home.

"I went from being a burnt out mum of 3 to a calm, fun-mum of 4 simply by using this method. It completely transformed my life and gave me more quality time with my family!"

You’re in the right place if:

  • You struggle to remain calm in motherhood

  • You are constantly tired but think its normal because #mumlife

  • Day to day life leaves you feeling stressed and anxious

  • You find it harder to understand both you and your child’s feelings

  • Time is your greatest currency and you want more of it

  • You want to have FUN and spice up your life

  • You’re ready to try something new

  • You have 2 feet and a heart beat because there is no dance experience needed

You will have FULL ACCESS to GuiDance: once-off purchase

You’ll learn the secret method - 8 Module Videos

  • The 3 step secret S.E.D method

  • How to self-regulate your emotions

  • Understanding 200+ emotions for self-mastery

  • What is emotional health and why it is so important

  •  Learn energy work 101

  • The secret formula to living your dream life

  • How to work with your monthly cycle

Plus 50+ Guided Dance Workouts that self-regulate, FAST!


  • Exclusive access to our community


  • Done for you schedules

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  • Motivation Notifications

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